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WVU Computational Materials Science Lab
Dr. Terence Musho, P.E. - Department of Mechanical, Materials & Aerospace Engineering

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The Computational Material Science Laboratory at West Virginia University is dedicated to advancing and applying first-principle materials modeling techniques. These methods are being utilized to explore fundamental phenomena in materials science, particularly in relation to energy-related technologies. Additionally, the lab is developing and integrating finite element analysis (FEA) into their research to enhance the precision and scope of their investigations, providing deeper insights into material behaviors under various conditions. More details on specific endeavors can be found on the  Research page. 

Interesting in Joining?

We are continually seeking graduate students with a strong passion and aptitude for computational research to join our team. If you are interested, please send a brief email with your CV, outlining your research interests. We encourage you to highlight any previous research experience. Please allow a few days for a response.